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Using Trace Viewer for WCF Services

Just wanted to write about a great tool for assisting in debugging issues with a WCF service…and that’s Trace Viewer…some more info about Trace Viewer can found here. Note: On my machine…running Win7 Ultimate, the exe (SvcTraceViewer.exe) was located in … Continue reading

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Debugging a WCF Service

Start an instance of Visual Studio Open the WCF solution and run the service Open another instance of Visual Studio Open a WCF client project…add the WCF service project to the solution Add this to the client’s .config file…whether it … Continue reading

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Deploying VSTO applications

Today we needed to deploy an Excel VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) application that we wrote in Excel. We used the excellent guide that’s on MSDN here. What’s not clear is that when a user runs the setup.exe…since we’re … Continue reading

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Soup to nuts guide to adding jQuery UI’s datepicker to jEditable

Mika has done a fantastic job supplying the jQuery community with his excellent in-place editing add-in jEditable. He has also graciously provided us with a page explaining how to add custom input types. But for us jEditable noobs looking to … Continue reading

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Really diggin’ jqGrid

We’ve been using jqGrid to prototype a CRUD (Create…Update and Delete) app and I am really digging some of the features…yeah, it’s got a bit of a learning curve and I’m still using plain old tables for some stuff, but … Continue reading

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Hey I like Linq…really I do!!

We’re trying to retrieve a distinct list of pay check dates from a table that contains multiple records per pay check…like so employee_hour employee_Id some_column some_other_column check_date 00001 foo bar 01/01/2010 00001 foo bar 01/01/2010 00001 foo bar 02/01/2010 00001 … Continue reading

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Use a C# const in javascript

I’ve got some purposely misnamed objects (SQL Server Reporting Services reports in this case) in a project and I want to refer to them, both server-side and client-side, from the same place so that when I get ready to change … Continue reading

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